Programs for Students


Internship at MIT (3 months)


GTL offers an opportunity for doctoral course students, including 2nd year master course students who are admitted to enroll in UTokyo doctoral course, to participate in the Internship at MIT, Boston during the period starting from early March to late May. GTL will pay flights and accommodations. GTL selects the intern student(s) during September to November. GTL strongly recommend potential applicants to take following lectures.

2020 (one slot)

2019 Ryohei Takahashi, SoE, UTokyo

2018 Tatsuya Kaneko, GSFS, UTokyo

Marc-Andre Chavy-Macdonald, SoE, UTokyo

2017 Shinnosuke Wanaka, GSFS, UTokyo

Lectures in Graduate School of Frontier Sciences


System Architecture / システムアーキテクチャ

(in Japanese)




E Crawley et al.: System Architecture, PEARSON, 2016, システム・アーキテクチャ(翻訳版), 丸善出版,2020.

Optimal System Design / 最適システム設計論

(in English)

Students will be able to take requirements for a new service or product and design a system architecture and project plan for preliminary design review. The students will understand and be able to lead others in the selection of an integrated technical and organization scenario for implementation within a visualized and analyzed tradespace.

International Systems Design Workshop / システム設計学国際演習

(in English)

Students learn common methods to identify the problem of complex sociotechnical systems and experience hands-on workshop to frame a problems of such systems. The methods are independent of specific industrial domains or social problems.

GTL Symposium, Seminar and Hands-on


GTL holds Symposium, seminars and hands-on. See Activities for details.


GTL Sessions

GTL セッション

GTL related students of UTokyo and MIT hold biweekly informal research exchange video meeting.

Anyone is welcome.

UTokyo Hands-on Activities for Undergraduates


GTL hosts "GTL Summer Intern for Systems Method Experience at MIT" as a part of UTokyo Hands-on Activities for Undergraduates.

If selected, you will prepare a research/project proposal in Kashiwa, and then discuss your topic with students and researchers at MIT. The proposal relates your prospective thesis or other projects using systems approach and method. The creation of the proposal is the chance for you to think the meaning and impact of your projects. You will think your project as a system by defining the boundary of your project, being aware of the stakeholders and exploring the options. The most important insight from creating system model of your project is that you have to identify the “need” of your project.The “need” is the interface of your research project and the society. You can understand the social impact of your project through the activity even if your project is a purely scientific or technological one.